Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My 3rd trip and longest stay in UK

I am back in London for the third time since my wife passed away in Jan last year.
Arrived here on the 24th March, evening.
I was here in July last year for about 15 days for my docdoter convocation in Liecester, together with my eldestbdoter and secondson.
I came again and stayed for two months in late Sept to Nov 2012 to see my youngestdoter who arrived in late August to do her ACCA in Birmingham. She will finish off in June and I hope to go back together with her.God willing.

This time around will be my longest stay..3 months at least .
I hope I can survive and my finances will hold....


Azudin O Fuad said...

Tomorrow 22nd June at 2200 hrs, I should fly off from Heathrow Terminal 4 bound to KLIA after. 3 months here.
Obviously I am excited to go home in the same instance as I am sad to leave London.
London has been kind to me.
It has provided me with so much colours and charms.
One cannot get bored in London.
I have not updated my blog because the fb seems to be an easier option.
Maybe I should write regularly in my blog.

Aliff said...


Pak Azudin,

Lama blog tidak dikemaskini nampaknya. Apa kabar :)

aofuad said...

Yes Aliff
, dah lupa macam mana nak sign in